August 4, 2008


Dear Shuffle Tech Customers,


Although I have been in contact with many of our customers by telephone and email, I want to reach out and inform everybody that we are now building and shipping shufflers.  Every unit is subjected to individual unit testing, which adds some time to the process.  We are working 7 days per week to catch up on back-orders dating back to December.  Shufflers will ship almost every day and we should be caught up by the end of August; we are quoting mid-September for new orders placed today.


The feedback from early customers is very positive, which has been very gratifying for us.  We hope that every Shuffle Tech customer will be equally pleased, and as an early customer, I invite you to contact me personally if you have any trouble with your shuffler.  My address is


By separate email, I am also sending a confirmation copy of your sales order when your machine has gone into production.  If there are any changes that you request, please contact me immediately.


I would also like to notify you of a few recent changes that have been made since you placed your order, and confirm that you accept these:


(1)                           By popular request/demand, the shuffler is now black rather than white and gray.  The flush mount plate is also smaller than the original plate design.  Both are shown on our website.


(2)                           The shuffler can only be powered by the A/C adapter; we found that 4 “D” batteries could not survive long enough to satisfy most players, and our own beta testing showed that while batteries work well initially, shuffling performance degrades quickly under battery power.


(3)                           We continue to recommend Copag Poker size cards for use in the shuffler.  Other brands of premium quality plastic cards will work, but some don’t.  We intend to test a broader range of cards over time and recommend all premium brands that work well with the shuffler.  However, at this point, most of our testing has been with Copag Poker size cards.


Thank you again for your patience.  If you have any questions, please call me at 888-595-9759, ext 15, or email me at



Rick Schultz


Shuffle Tech International LLC