Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you retrieve cards when flush mounted? Do you have to get it from the bottom of the table?

A: No. There is a switch at the bottom of the machine to switch back and forth from table-top mode to flush-mount mode. Flush-mount mode ejects the cards from the top door rather than the side presentation tray.
Q: Will the shuffler work with 220V power?

A: Yes, Shuffle Tech's universal adapter works from 100~240V, but outside North America you must have the appropriate plug for your region. Shuffle Tech will ship the appropriate adapter for every region of the world.
Q: Do I have to repeatedly cut the deck in half to shuffle?

A: No. Your new shuffler is fully automatic. Just insert the deck and press the (3) or (7) Riffle start button.

Q: Can I shuffle two decks simultaneously?

A: No, your current model is designed for single deck games. However, you can actually use three decks to play the game (self-standing model only): one deck in play, another one in the presentation tray ready for the next game, and a third deck shuffling. This is a great feature for fast pace games such as heads-up or when an individual misdeals.

Q: Does the shuffler include everything I need out-of-the-box?

A: Yes. Your shuffler comes complete with two decks of plastic cards and an AC adapter.
Q: Do you sell individual replacement cards if one is lost or damaged?

A: Yes, you can buy a replacement card or a complete deck from us.

Q: Will my shuffler work with plastic-coated cards and paper cards?

A: Your Shuffle Tech machine will work with any cards that are in good condition. We recommend plastic cards because they have no memory and will remain in good condition longer, can be washed, etc. Paper cards may wear more quickly and may jam in the machine if they’re bent or creased.

Q: Can I use Poker or Bridge sized cards?

A: Shuffle Tech recommends poker sized cards. Bridge cards will work, but will jam more frequently.
Q: Does the shuffler work with high quality cards such as Copag, Kem, Del Negro and Gemaco?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Does the shuffler count the number of cards in the deck?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does my Shuffle Tech shuffler use random number generators to shuffle cards?

A: No, we believe random number generators do not belong at home games. Read more about it in our site's "Randomization" section.

Q: If the first deck is ready in the presentation tray outside the machine, can I still shuffle a second deck?

A: Yes, your state-of-the-art shuffler will go through the shuffling process and then go into a stand-by mode. Once the presentation tray is returned, it will eject the cards into the tray.

Q: Do you offer a portable protective carrying case?

A: No. But we are in the process of designing one.

Q: Does my shuffler read the value of each card?

A: No. For the same reason that we do not use random number generators, we do not scan and read the cards. This technology leaves too much opportunity for manipulation. Your machine is designed to replicate proper hand shuffling, and the process is fully transparent