Poker Basics

Home Game Structure:

Home games are greatly improved when the host and players understand their basic responsibilities.

The Host:

In addition to gathering enough players for the game, the host should be specific about the buy-in, the amount of starting chips, the blind structure, and the payouts. Charging a rake or fee to participate in a home game is highly discouraged, but if such a fee is involved, players should be informed upfront as part of the invitation.

The quality of the game depends on the blind structure. The blind structure will determine if the game will become one of luck or skill. The big blind should start around 1% of the starting chip count and it should stop around 1 to 2% of the total chip count. As an example, assuming a starting chip count of $100 and a total chip count of $5,000, the big blind should start at $1 and it should stop increasing around $50 to $100.

Many poker websites offer information on how to organize home games:

The Players:

Players have the responsibility to RSVP in advance and to arrive on time. Those players who do not RSVP or arrive late are being rude to the host and the other players, as is a game that requires 6 to 10 players to begin.

Download A Sample Home-Game Invitation:
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